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The Great Lakes — Superior, Huron, Michigan, Ontario and Erie — make up the largest body of fresh water on Earth, accounting for one-fifth of the freshwater surface on the planet at 6 quadrillion gallons

Here to recycle, one piece at a time.


318 S Jefferson St

Ionia MI 48846

Text or Call  (616) 432-9850



Do you ever think about where your trash goes?  We exist as a non-profit business to educate kids and adults about recycling to landfill less materials.  A simple routine change to recycle will help you realize how much was thrown away.  Making a plan to incorporate recycling into your daily routine is easy.  The habit is easily shared with your family too.  Start today!


Monday 9a-12p

Wednesday 2p-5p

Saturday 9a-1p


Cardboard (Excluding rain or snow days)

Paper (Paper Gator)

Starting 10/29/18 a $5 per visit donation is required. We don't receive funding from the city, county or state. The fee will go towards labor to sort, bale and load the recyclables.  Thank you for your support. Recycling is a time consuming process and we are trying to make a difference in Ionia 


01/01/18 New Years Day

05/28/18 Memorial Day

07/04/18 Independence Day

09/03/18 Labor Day

12/25/18 Christmas Day

01/01/19 New Years Day

02/04/19, 02/06/19, 02/11/19, 02/13/19, 02/18/19, 02/20/19, 02/25/19, 02/27/19 Weekdays in February


Ronald Township Residents Only. 4987 N Stage Rd, Ionia MI 48846

  • Every 2nd Saturday (monthly) 9am to 12pm


Otisco Township Residents Only. 9663 W Button Rd, Belding MI 48809

  • Every 4th Saturday (monthly) 9am to 12pm


  • Local businesses who want to join the cause and recycle! Click the Contact link to ask more questions.


  • People to join the cause. Help sort, talk with people that arrive at the center or promote recycling with neighbors and friends.  Click the Contact link and fill out the form.


  • Click the picture to see our customer list.


  • We accept tax deductible donations at the center. If you need a donation slip, request one at the recycle center or from the Contact Us page.


  • Click the picture to donate online via Paypal.  Thank you!

  • Or mail donations to:  Recycle Ionia Inc, 318 S Jefferson, Ionia MI 48846

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