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We are closed for the winter. We will re-open in March. Check here or Facebook for the March opening dates. PaperGator is still available anytime. Thanks for recycling!


Accepted Materials:

Paper Gator Recycling 24x7!  Bring your paper materials anytime and place them in the green PaperGator Bin (in front of the Soaring Above Teen Center building).  Click HERE for their accepted materials list.


Cardboard & Boxboard Recycling (during open hours). Bring your clean, broke-down cardboard and boxboard (aka cracker, soda, cereal boxes) “drive thru” style.  Shiny is ok, however dark-brown wax-coated boxes that are used for produce or heavy floor tiles are not recyclable.  The wax coating can’t be removed to recycle the cardboard underneath.












Metals (during open hours). Bring your clean Tin or Aluminum cans (labels on) and any other scrap metals. They will be dropped into a knockdown bin.  One for steel, the other for aluminum. TIP: cat food cans are usually aluminum.

Styrofoam (during open hours). Bring clean "hard" styrofoam from packaging, take-out container or meat trays.  TIP: The "flexible" styrofoam usually molded and found in packing is a different grade that we are not able to recycle with Dart Container.


Packing Peanuts: we temporarily have a source that can re-use these. Bring them in a plastic kitchen-sized bag.



















A. Drive thru the SOUTH gate on Jefferson Street. Look for the blue & green recycling carts with an arrow to show you the way

B. Drop off the cardboard into the bins. We will show where to put the metals and styrofoam 

C. Drive back thru where you came from thru the SOUTH gate to Exit

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