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Update Christmas Eve

Happy Holidays! From my family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Here's an update:

1. My family, friends and board of directors are telling me I can't save the world just yet. We are making such a difference, however we are limited in resources including money, people and machines to bale the items we collect. It's time consuming to keep up with the materials that come in! Thank YOU for sorting your recyclables, we spend a lot of time organizing the bags and truly appreciate you placing your items in the correct bins! :)

2. We are making some changes to create a profit center (within the tax rules of course) instead of a cost center. We have way more expenses then revenue. The image that comes to mind is comparing an elephant to a mouse. We want Ionia county to be green and clean like the home page picture! Coming soon, look for a Profit/Loss menu link to see the high-level finanical statistics.

3. In reality, the recycling market is at the all time low. Did you know oil price and election year activities affect the value of recyclable commodities? When oil prices are down, companies choose new raw materials instead of recycled ones because they are cheaper. Because of this, we are reducing the materials list at this time to take materials that have value. We hope to start accepting more items in the future once the market recovers. Click the Accepted Materials link to see the updated list of items we take.

4. Our phone number will be changing. We will post an update on the home page once it's ready.

5. If anyone in the city of Ionia (that currently pays to recycle like I do) is interested in picking up a bag of clamshells or #5 plastics for their recycling bin please email me. We have a large quantity to move. Granger allows a bag or two outside of your cart if it's full.



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