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Even though we had a light winter, there were some COLD days. Glad the weather is better and we're seeing many new faces this month. Great times to share the recycling process with people too! We average just under 60 drop offs each week, not including the 24 hour cardboard drop-offs! We also expanded the sorting area to accommodate more people and some space! We truly hope it's easier to drop your recyclables in the right spot.

We are getting ready to sell a truck full of cardboard - 40,000 pounds - scheduled on 4/19/2016. This will be our 3rd load of cardboard for the business since we opened in 2015.

Other recyclables...we have two #2 cloudy (aka Milk Jug) bales ready to sell. Next to bale include #2 color and film. We are holding on to four #1 bottle (aka water) bales until the market has the best price to sell. We have collected a few more Gaylord boxes of newspaper from our last update, we are close to 15, 3 Gaylord boxes of magazines and 6 Gaylord boxes of paper. Our tin can wagon is full, filling the second one next. Aluminum is greatly needed with about 10 bags so far.

Our business pickups are steady, we are very thankful for them! They help our community cause so very much and they are becoming green in the process! Please thank them for us!

Rii Business pickup service

Dan's Bike Shop

Gill-Roy's Complete Hardware

Harshman Orthodontics

Ionia Floral

Lillie's Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair



O'Mara Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

Pat Cherpes

Restore Church

S & K Printing

Sterner Veterinary Clinic

The Auction Addicts Attic

We also have many businesses that drop off cardboard in our 24hour "green" baskets and also bring their other recyclables to the center! Here are some that I'm aware of:

Businesses that drop off their recyclables

Main Street Music


Sids Flower Shop

Steele Street Brewing

Reurink Metal Roofing

Walker Fluke and Sheldon CPA

Wilson Heating, Cooling and Plumbing

Till next month...


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